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Howly 101

How does it work?

Anyone can spot great deals online and post them on
Brands and retailers agree to pay a commission whenever a sale is made. If you Howl a deal on our website, every time someone buys the product you earn MONEY.
Deals are shared on social media. Sharers earn MONEY!
Any user can share any deal and earn MONEY regardless of who listed it or how many times its been shared already. We make it easy to add content, for example a personal review or experience of a product. Personalization is an excellent driver of social sales.
Shoppers visit to find a great deal
Shoppers visit, either driven by word of mouth, our marketing campaigns or from clicking on specific products shared on social media. 88% of shoppers search for a deal on a product before making a purchase, this represented 200m people in the US in 2020. Our marketing campaigns will aggresively drive shoppers to the site alongside social sharing as explained above.
Shoppers click through to a retailer's website and make a purchase. Everyone makes MONEY
In this example the product is on When the shopper completes their purchase, the MONEY commission is distributed to the deal spotter, to deal sharers and to the customer as cashback.

Deal spotters earn MONEY every time someone buys a product they Howled, so if 100 people buy this jacket, they earn 100x the MONEY commission!

DeFi Attribution

Trustless, automatic payments for everyone

We create a smart contract between and the commission recipients (the Howler, the eventual Buyer, and up to two Deal Sharers). At the point commission is released the contract executes and all parties are paid. The contract ensures all parties get their agreed share, without the need for trust of the other parties. This is only possible using distributed leger technology and will help reduce inaccurate tracking and attribution fraud creating a safer and more transpartent environment for retailers and those Howling deals.

Mass Market Economic Model

Unlike most other crypto currencies, this token does not solely rely on cryptocurrency enthusiasts trading on exchanges for its value; it is driven by harnessing global e-commerce.

People buy products from their favourite stores, driven by social recommendations and great prices. Those sales power direct demand for MONEY as it's distributed.

An example: a product sells for $90 with an affiliate commission of $7. We collect this commission and our system buys $7 of MONEY on an exchange. This MONEY is then distributed to the deal lister, deal sharers who assisted in the sale, and the shopper. This will happen for hundreds of thousands (eventually millions) of sales per month, creating an ongoing organic demand for the MONEY token.

Fun Fact: A single well known mid-size affiliate network manages over 18m sales per month from Social, Price Comparison, Cashback and Deal Sites. MONEY can dominate all of these mediums.

Holders of MONEY can spend it on a range of exclusive retailer offers or switch for another currency at an exchange. This mass market coin ownership will increase when marketing campaigns for the website commence.
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Latest News

Here you will find the updates and announcements on MONEY and
We now have over 100 brands onboard, quite a milestone! Brand page to follow soon.
Lego have joined, so now you can earn MONEY when you buy or list Lego products
Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture shoppers can now earn MONEY when buying a howled product.
E-Buyer shoppers can now earn MONEY when buying a howled deal.


The MONEY Utility Token. Usage of the utility coin is proportional to the level of activity on our shopping website. The beauty of our model is that deals are found and promoted by the site's users, because they are incentivised with unlimited earning potential. The more people who buy products after seeing them at a discounted price on our site, the greater the MONEY token's holder base, and the greater the demand on the exchange market for the token.
Total Supply: 50,000,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 25,000,000,000
Pre Sale Supply: 7,500,000,000
30% of circulating supply

Roadmap, the web's next major shopping destination.
Phase 1
View Milestones
  • Build Howly Platform
  • Establish initial partner relationships
  • Create initial marketing strategy (choose agency)
  • Establish Social Media
  • Token Presale
  • Token on Pancakeswap
  • First Clubhouse MONEY Session and AMA
  • Announcement of session schedule
  • CMC / Blockfolio Listing
  • Exchange listing applications
  • Grow retail partner list
Phase 2
View Milestones
  • Ad & PR Agency Activation
  • Marketing Stage 1 UK
  • Aquire tier 1 brands for premium Howly Ads
  • Choose sponsorship partner
  • share buttons on retail sites
  • Site Official Launch UK
  • Launch Party - Global Community HODL VIPs
  • Marketing Stage 2 UK (sponsorships and partnerships)
Phase 3
View Milestones
  • US Region Site Development
  • US Ad & PR Agency Tender
  • Launch - USA
  • Marketing Stage 1 USA
  • UK - Social Commerce Beta (Pay with MONEY)
  • On-Chain Receipts Beta
  • Immediate Payment Beta